Why Nineveh?

Welcome to Modern Nineveh!  In the ancient world, Nineveh was a major city. It was a city of commerce which wielded a powerful influence on the known world of her day.  But Nineveh     was also a sinful city, whose wickedness came up before the Lord God.  He was so moved by her wickedness that He proclaimed judgement on the city, and He was so merciful that He sent the prophet Jonah to warn Nineveh of the coming destruction.  

One Nineveh of our day is New York City.  It is the largest city in America, boasting over 8 million residents.  It is a controlling world power and influence in political and financial affairs today.  Yet New York City, like ancient Nineveh, is a wicked city.  God has called our family to warn New York City of the judgement for sin.

In New York harbor there are two islands of great historical significance and symbolism. One of those islands is known as Liberty Island. On this island stands Lady Liberty with her message of freedom and deliverance from tyranny. The other island is Ellis Island where millions of immigrants came to be registered after their long journey across the Atlantic Ocean. They came in search of a new life and opportunity in the new world.  Today, sadly, most of the inhabitants of New York City are still in search of liberty and a new life. Only through hearing the gospel and believing in the Lord Jesus Christ can any soul experience freedom from the bondage of sin. The new life which the immigrants thought they would find was only a mockery of the new life which Christ offers. Jesus is the only one who can proclaim liberty to these captives.

We are the Hamilton Family – church planting missionaries to the Bronx, New York City.  We are called to proclaim the light of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ in a dark city!

Thank you for visiting Modern Nineveh.  Browse the information, leave us a comment, and please pray for us as we minister in the Bronx!