February 2017 Prayer Letter


February 2017

Dear Praying Friends,

It is really happening! A church is being planted in the Bronx, New York. Since the last time we sent out a prayer letter, so much has happened.

The first thing that we want to praise the Lord for is reaching the goal of 100% of our financial support. In the month of January, several of the churches that we had visited in 2016 began to support our ministry. We had finished travelling on deputation in November, and we were trusting that God would bring in the last few percentages of our support. God showed Himself faithful to us once again and answered our prayers by doing just that.

The second thing that we would like for you to know is that we have been in contract on a house in the Bronx since December 28.  The house is not yet ours, but several obstacles have already been removed, and it appears very likely that this will be our new home and base of operation. The house is right in our target area and on a nicer street than all the others which we had previously considered. The fact that it is a short sale and needs some work is the only reason that we are able to afford it. Thankfully, most of the work that needs to be done is merely cosmetic. One of the biggest blessings for us about this place is that it has a garage! Having a guaranteed parking space in New York City is no small matter! Although we are excited about the possibility of this place, it is not ours yet, and we do beg that you would keep the whole purchase process before the Lord.

Thirdly, we want you to know that the work in the Bronx is underway. My family has already been on the streets distributing invitations to personal Bible studies, and on the 25th of February, my sending church and another church in the area will be blitzing the neighborhood with invitations. We have made some personal connections with people but are still praying for the first person who will agree to sit down with us and study the Word of God. One man in particular, Peter, has expressed interest, and we would ask you to pray that the Lord would prepare his heart and encourage him to have a Bible study with us.

Fourthly, we have established a website for Emmaus Road Baptist Church!  We would appreciate it if you would aid us in getting our church to the top of the search engine results by visiting our site frequently.  If your church has our ministry listed on your website, it would be helpful for you to include a link to our site as well.  It is www.emmausroadbaptist.nyc.

As we move forward in the Bronx, we are very aware of our personal inadequacy. Yet, as we look back at what God has done, we take confidence that He will accomplish His desire to glorify His Name through a new church plant in New York City.

Taking Christ to “da Bronx,”
Ben, Andrea, Elaine, Nolan, Liberty, Nehemiah, and Henry Hamilton