Bible Study Invitations

unnamed-4It is very exciting that this week the mission board “upgraded” us from deputation to field status!  We are still slightly shy of our 100% goal, but we are praying that some churches will vote soon to take us on for support with their annual budget.

We have been busy getting things ready for church planting while we wait to purchase our house (it’s a short sale, so we’re held up in paperwork).  The website is running – please visit it at!  We printed a lot of little invitation cards.  They have questions on them designed to get people’s attention.  The back side has our website and a QR code to make it easy to access.  We are praying that someone who receives an invitation will contact us to begin an individual Bible study.  Once we are established in a home in the Bronx, we can begin a group Bible Study which, Lord willing, will grow into a core group for a church!

Today we spent the morning walking the busy streets between the Armory and Fordham University (watch our video here to find out more about those landmarks) handing out invitations.  We under estimated our kiddos – we had to go back to the van for more invitations and to extend the meter payment because they were so excited to give a card to everyone they met!

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Nolan and Nehemiah handing an invitation | Nolan, Liberty, Elaine, Nehemiah | Nolan and Elaine on the street