Done with Deputation!

On November 28th we pulled into our temporary “home” in Orange County, New York – finished with our deputation travels!  We have finished our scheduled meetings and are only 3% shy of our needed funding.

Some fun facts:

  • Meetings in 140 churches
  • 2 days shy of 2 years and 9 months on the road
  • Traveled through or had meetings in 44 states and Canada
  • Drove over 100,000 miles
  • We are blessed with 32 supporting churches and 12 supporting individuals.


We are home to make preparations for establishing ourselves in the Bronx and beginning the church plant.  These are the next steps on our timetable:

  • Ben’s ordination – December 10-11th
  • Resume house hunting and (Lord willing) purchase one and move soon!  We will start viewing homes again next week.
  • Praying for the remaining 3% in support to roll in soon.

Thank you for your continued support of us as we made this amazing journey and transition!  God has been good to our family!