The Last Trip and a Housing Update

Last Deputation Trip!On Saturday we loaded up into the van for what we believe is our very last deputation trip.  Wow!  That is exciting!

We have meetings scheduled through Thanksgiving this year.  Our support is hovering between 93-95% (there are a couple of churches who are supposed to vote soon).  We are trusting the Lord to add 4-5 new supporting churches over the next two months so that we can return to NYC at 100%!

We were “home” for just about two weeks, during which time we saw God answer many prayer requests in regards to a house.  He allowed us to meet with the seller of a very nice home that is exactly in our target neighborhood (answer to prayer).  Actually, Ben has been looking at that very block of Marion Avenue since we first started house dreaming early this year.

This particular house remained on the market (answer to prayer), the price dropped twice (answer to prayer), and the owner responded to our very low offer (answer to prayer).  We agreed on a  price (answer to prayer), and began the mortgage process.  We needed a particular type of mortgage in order to afford the house, and also to qualify for city incentives for first time home buyers.  Last Friday it seemed that we would not qualify for that mortgage, and that God was closing the door.  However, our banker did some further investigation and discovered that the house is in a tract of land marked for city improvement, again qualifying us for the mortgage we needed (direct answer to prayer).  He even gave us a $5,000 grant toward the purchase (bonus for which we had not prayed!).  Now we have had the home inspected and are partially through signing the contract (which happened about 15 hours before we departed NY).  Lord willing we will close next month and be ready to move in when deputation is complete!

We have been asking people to pray for the housing situation for over a year now, and though some parts of the last two weeks have seemed very “eleventh hour” to our time tables, it has been exciting to see God answer specific prayers exactly in His time table!  Please continue to pray for the rest of the purchase process!

2789 Marion Avenue  2789 Marion Avenue  2789 Marion Avenue

A couple of house pictures – the outside (ours is the one “behind” the tree; the master bedroom, and looking toward the living room from the kitchen.