Remembering 15 Years

Beams of Remembrance, September 11, 2014

On Sunday we marked fifteen years since the terrorist attacks in New York City.  We are not native New Yorkers, and we were not in New York City on that fateful day which changed our city, and even our nation, forever.  Yet we do consider ourselves to be New Yorkers now, and our hearts hurt along with the rest of our city on this day of remembrance.

President George W. Bush said these words to the nation on that day, fifteen years ago:

“A great people has been moved to defend a great nation. Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shattered steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve. America was targeted for attack because we’re the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world. And no one will keep that light from shining.

“Today our Nation saw evil, the very worst of human nature. And we responded with the best of America, with the daring of our rescueworkers, with the caring for strangers and neighbors who came to give blood and help in any way they could.

“Tonight I ask for your prayers for all those who grieve, for the children whose worlds have been shattered, for all whose sense of safety and security has been threatened. And I pray they will be comforted by a power greater than any of us, spoken through the ages in Psalm 23: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me.”

“This is a day when all Americans from every walk of life unite in our resolve for justice and peace. America has stood down enemies before, and we will do so this time. None of us will ever forget this day. Yet, we go forward to defend freedom and all that is good and just in our world.”

Please continue to pray for New York City!