July 2016 Prayer Letter & Update


July 2016

Dear Praying Friends,

Deputation Update

I was recently reminded that God answers many of our prayers in ordinary ways. We have been praying for the extraordinary for quite some time–the provision of a house in a tight housing market (and on limited funds), and the completion of deputation sooner than the average for missionaries. And while we are still asking God to answer these big prayers, He is at work in our lives on a daily, minute-by-minute basis!

Since beginning deputation, we have driven well over 75,000 miles–enough to drive around the world three times! Yet, it has been without incident or major vehicle issue, even during many winter trips!

We regularly pray for safety, and God answered that prayer for our family in a big way this month. While spending a couple of days in Yellowstone National Park, Nolan fell and split the back of his head open. The short version of the story is that an ambulance ride and a few stitches later, Nolan is as good as new. Nolan was also diagnosed with Lyme disease shortly before leaving NY in June. We are thankful that we were able to catch it early, and he is currently undergoing treatment.

We also pray for supporting churches, and we were excited to add three new supporting churches in one week! We have had meetings in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. We are asking the Lord to provide 100% of our support by the end of the summer.

Please pray for us over the next four weeks as Ben is holding meetings in California while Andrea and the kids remain behind in Denver, Colorado, with Andrea’s parents. We have never been separated for this long!

Housing Update

We wrote in May that we had put an offer on a home in the Bronx. However, there were some issues revealed in the inspection and we had to withdraw our offer. Because we are back on the road it is difficult to search for a home. Please pray with us for God to provide a home very quickly when we return to NYC.

Church Update

Many people ask us how things are going in the Bronx. We are not there yet, but we have the ball rolling in several areas to lay the foundation for the church. Currently, our projects include working on the church name, logo, and design for a website. We are also selecting discipleship materials and tracts.

Taking Christ to “da Bronx,”
Ben, Andrea, Elaine, Nolan, Liberty, Nehemiah, and Henry Hamilton


  • Quick provision of a house in the Bronx when we return to NYC.
  • 100 % support by end of summer.
  • Ben’s ordination, Dec. 11.


  • Nolan turned 5!
  • Meetings in three new states – UT, ID, and WY.
  • We got to see Yellowstone National Park while in Wyoming!
  • Support increase to 86%!